Sunday, 27 December 2009

Wii HD, Download only games, Facebook games...yay or nay? (wall of text)

Wii HD imo makes no sense, especially if its coming out soon. If they show it early, good bye Wii sales. When it comes out, thats a big middle finger to Wii owners. Surely people will be pissed that they invest money into something that will now be in HD and all there previous stuff will look like ass. People really seem to think it's coming out and it might be, but I just don't see how it happening. Listening to the 1up 4 guys podcast that mug John Davidson (Editor of Game Pro Magazine) is convinced about this.

Then there is the whole download only space. Another thing the guys on the podcast seem to really be into. i'm well against it because of lack of game trading and competitive prices. E.g. if MW2 was download only it could have been like £54.99 and that was the only price. I wouldnt have gone near it. But with retail, people can change it up and you can get some good deals. And I don't fancy hanging onto a game I completed and will never play again, getting £10 for it and putting it towards something else is much better.

Then there is the space issue. If my PS3 was download only, I wouldnt be able to have all the games I currently own on it. Right now I am not limited in my purchases at all. And seeing how quickly my HDD got full with demo's alone, I don't see that working right this second. I guess 1TB HDD's are getting cheaper, but I just don't like having any limits like that.

Facebook games is something that was spoken about as possibly being the big big thing in a few years time. The fact that you could be ploaying it at home, at work, then with flash enabled phone browsers you could be playing the same game on the bus or train. In theory sounds pretty cool. But for what kind of games? Surely you wont get next-gen game quality through the browser. Not any time soon anyways. And until thats possible i'm not really into it. I know alot of people (mainly girls) love farmville and all that crap, but thats really not for me. I guess time will tell how likely any of this stuff is. Alot of advances in computer tech need to happen before any of this is possible though I think.

Where do you see gaming going in the next 5 years? Think this is the last computer games console cycle? Or is there one left?