Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas was GOOD...

So as usual, Christmas was very good. The famo always deliver and yesterday was no exception. This year was spent at my gran parents house in north London. Loads of famo there, loads of food (I had wayyyyyyyy to much chocolate).

There was a late start to Christmas this year as everyone seemed to go to bed late so I woke up at like 11am. Then spent 30 mins on the laptop making an effort to get out of bed and get some breakkie. Eventually got to the present opening time, was my job as usual to separate the presents. And this year it seemed my Dad got the most which was surprising as he usually gets the least, he had a right touch this year.

Christmas this year was great for seeing peoples reactions to gifts. Got me mum Wii Fit Plus which she had spoken about wanting and it was very nice seeing her reaction to getting it as she really didn't know it was coming.

After the whole present thing headed to my grans and had a lovely feast. The same thing has happened in the last 2 Christmases, I get way to full way to quickly at dinner. But I powered through and ate most of it. Plate full of lamb, chicken, turkey, stuffing, rice, salad and potatoes.

The rest of the night consisted of playing random games such as charades, which was HILARIOUS. How some of the people guessed the right thing I will never know. For example, my mum holds up one finger and the first guess was Gold Finger, which was the right answer..I mean WTF, thats way to quick. She could have meant one, first word, or whatever, but they guessed straight away. Probably has something to do with being sisters lol.

After all this we got into some wii sports resort action was was jokes. I rinsed 5 people in a row at table tennis. I think I have only lost 3 times ever now. Then we moved to the best game speed slice, again I went 4-0 then let the others play. Its crazy how slow some peoples reaction times can be. The funniest was my brother vs my cousin Chae. My bro needed one more slice to win and was 3 ahead and the pressure got to him and he lost.

Then it came to bowling, 4 playing, me, my mum, my cousin Nicole and my other cousin Chad. Niceol ended with 101, Chad with 147, me with 148 and my mum with 188 WTF!!!!!!!!! It was like her second time ever playing, she did a slow mo bowl down the middle and got a strike or half strike like every time. I think she must have been practising when everyone was out the house.

All in all really nice crimbo and I hope to have more good one's like that in the future.