Sunday, 24 May 2009


Quick review for the film Fighting...DON'T SEE Well to be honest its not THAT bad, but I wouldn't recommend paying to see it. The film is pretty much a rip of Van Dammes film AWOL which came out in 1989, except that film had some sort of purpose and story behind it, this does not.

The whole background for the film is very cheap and it's all explained really poorly. The fighting is a big part of it I guess, but its more of a love story really, a really crap love story at.

The co-star of the film is Terrence Howard who has one of, if not the most annoying voices ever, he puts you to sleep and makes you want to through a bowling ball through the screen. The female lead is played by a chick called Zulay Henao and her name in the film is actually Zulay.

Anywho to wrap it up, don't pay to see this, it aint that crap, but it aint that good

Rating 5/10