Thursday, 21 May 2009

Hollywood Holt?????

I came across this guy a while ago but wasn't really paying to much attention, until a couple days ago when I was checkout DJ Wonder Blog for the new episodes of the radio show Lip Serivce and I noticed he was one of the guest.

After listening to him on the show he seemed like a really cool guy, funny as hell and during the breaks in the interview they played some of his music and it was pretty cool.

Was surprised to find out ' HOLLYWOOD Holt' was actually from Chicago, but i am sure he has a reason, he did say, but I cant remember right now lol...

Anywho the dudes a rapper, pretty witty and funny with his rhymes, he works with his DJ/ Cousin Million Dollar Mano who is also M.I.A's DJ. Together they are a hilarious pair and seem to gel well personally and musically.

Anywho below is one of his songs..ironically titles 'Hollywood'

If you wanna hear more of him check out the Lip Service show I heard him on, he is hilarious...Part 1 and Part 2 .