Sunday, 10 May 2009

WOOP WOOP We are champions...

So yesterday my team had 2 games back to back, we had to win 1 and either draw the next or lose but due to just being ahead by goal difference, we couldnt really afford to lose.

Anywho we did great in the first match winning 5-0. But as soon as the second match started they scored in 30 seconds and it wasn't looking great for us. People seemed to be tired and just not on the second game, perhaps thinking after winning 5-0 it will be easy. Anywho we eventually scored to make it 1-1, then they scored again to make it 2-1 :-( then we scored, and scored, and scored and eventually won 4-2 to become champions WOOP WOOP.

So thats now 2 season in a row I have won the league with teams, and last year was the first league I ever won so I am very excited.