Sunday, 11 July 2010


Not much to say..its going on now..pretty good match, couldn't really have asked for a better final..although surprisingly I would like to have seen Germany in the final.

Twitter is on fire right now, nothing better then when there is a big event going on, Twitter is just super popular. Still pissed people haven't bothered to hop aboard the Twitter train yet.

Anywho back to the update lol, 12.33 in, Spain are looking the better side for sure. You can get the ball off them which mean you can't score. I think its gonna take a bit of magic from Robben or Van Persie for them to have a sniff. With Iniesta, xavi and Pedro running about anything can happen on Spains side.

Holland really are looking to cagey right for Van Persie..not surprised..dude really has a hot head.

4 yellow cards already, that mug Howard Webb is living up to his reputation. Although some were deserved, like Van Bommell who smashed a guy.

WOW big Boot to the chest there..WTF De Jong..Citeh scumbag.

Ok was actually considering doing a veryyyyy random live blog of my whole experience watching the world cup..but i failed to factor in that it will effect my viewing lol..I love me some multi-tasking but this is ridiculous..ok ashley signing off.

PS. got nooo idea why i am doing this right now lol.