Sunday, 25 July 2010

Inception Movie Review..spoiler free...

I went to see this yesterday and long story short..its FUCKING AWESOME. I saw no trailers for it, didn't know what it was about, all I knew is that it was supposed to be good. I prefer to go in blind then watch the trailers as they usually have major spoilers in them. it really pisses me off, especially when its a big film that they know people will watch regardless, why show big plots in the trailer?

Anywho I went to see it at the Vue in Westfields...WOW that cinema is huge and awesome, the sound system was killer and was the perfect setting to watch this as it has loads of big impactful moments and the sound just blew me away.

I will try not to spoil the film but its basically about these guys who extract information from people by going into the dreams and getting it. But the whole Inception part is a mission the team gets from a very powerful business man where they don't have to extract information, they have to plant information into someones head. So they have to convince them to do something, but have to make it seem like he came to that conclusion by himself. Leo has to get a team ready as he needs someone to build the dream world and people to help with the seeminly impossible mission.

But thats just one part of a huge thing going on in the film. Let me just say its VERY complicated, do not go and see this if you are tired as you wont get much out of it lol.

I don't think I can even reveal anymore as it would just spoile the awesomeness of it..defo go and see it. Its the best film i've seen this year, it stars Joseph Gordon Levitt who was in my fav film of 09..500 Days of summer, great actor. Alongside Leo and Ellen Page to name a few, the cast is fantastic. Action galore, plus it makes you think.

Here is the trailer..I personally wouldn't watch it if i was going to see the film, but here you go.

Rating: 9/10