Monday, 7 June 2010

Drake - Thank Me Later (Album Review)...

Drake’s upcoming album, titled “Thank Me Later” is one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year. I am very interested in seeing how it will do as he has to be one of the most hyped artists in a long time. He has had a huge buzz for so long now its insane. I always thought he should have released it long ago when 'Best I Ever' had was the only song on the radio. His earlier mixtape 'So Far Gone' was good enough to be an album and so were his other mixtapes..but he took his time and put out a pretty good album.

I will admit that on my first listen I wasn't overly impressed with the album. But I was DEAD tired that day and half asleep on the bus, so I didn't give it a really good listen. Having listened to it over and over I do really like it, and there aren't loads and loads of songs I skip when listening to it. Thats always a good sign, as an album with 3-4 good songs, is never great.

Feature wise, he came strong *pause* with his choices, Alicia Keys, Jay, Swizz Beatz, The-Dream, Jeezy and label mates Nicki Minaj and Weezy. Jay-Z (as much as I hate the guy) smashed it on there track 'Light Up' the Nicki Minaj track is fire, infact all the collabs were crazy.

If you heard any of Drakes mixtapes before, its much of the same format, some rapping, some of his singing, he must be using autotune, but its not crazy robot sounding stuff, just sounds good. He has loads of nice punch lines, loads I will be quoting on facebook, no doubt about that.

The subject matters vary from girls, to money, to him coming up in the game. Not many meaningful tracks on the album, nothing truly moving which you sometimes get on a new artists sophomore album. But he is more of a 'swag' based rapper lol..rather then a deep guy like Lupe, or B.o.B. He's already rich and a star. BUT still I'm feeling it.

My fav song on the album right now is his new single 'Find Your Love' which isn't rap at all.

The album has sooo many songs that can be singles I think we well be hearing Drake songs on the radio for a very long time.

Album Rating: 8.5/10

01. Fireworks (ft. Alicia Keys)
02. Karaoke
03. The Resistance
04. Over
05. Show Me a Good Time
06. Up All Night (ft. Nicki Minaj)
07. Fancy (ft. Swizz Beatz & T.I.)
08. Shut It Down (ft. The-Dream)
09. Unforgettable (ft. Young Jeezy)
10. Light Up (ft. Jay-Z)
11. Miss Me (ft. Lil Wayne)
12. Cece’s Interlude
13. Find Your Love
14. Thank Me Now