Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Sub'D again noooooooooooooo...

So I got another start on Saturday for my football team. I was happy and surprised seeing as I had no chance to shine last week and he seemed to think me and the other winger did nowt. Anywho He says he is playing a 433 so I expect to be on the bench, seeing as I am a winger but I was mistaken, he plays me in a midfield 3. Now center mid is a position I am not very comfortable with as I am not gonna be smashing someone in a tackle, or getting elbow in the face for headers so I wasn't sure why I was there, luckily it quickly changed into a 442 as it wasn't working.

So I was now playing left mid where I wanna be. I thought I had a good first half got in a few crosses and and beat my man a few times, was defending and attacking. Somehow we were 2-1 down at half time to a team I would consider to be shit. I was at fault kind of for one of the goals as the guy I was marking at the corner scored, but along his run he managed to pull my shirt over my head so I couldnt even see him, yet the ref didn't see it.

Come half time I wasn't to worried about coming off as I thought I was playing well, a few players said I was playing good but BOOM he hits me with it and I was off, now thats 2 games back since I have been injured, 55 mins and now 45 mins, this isn't looking good for me.

Anywho as soon as the game started back our striker Ebi banged in a goal to make it 2-2 and we were back in the game. Then came the kilelr blow as we were pushing for a goal they got a goal with 8 mins to go and there it was out of our second cup in 2 weeks.

Saturday is going to be a big game, playing at leyton county ground a win is a MUST, cant afford to lose 3 on a bounce when we had been undefeated until 2 weeks ago.