Tuesday, 7 October 2008

5 days gone and I am still injured..

So after a really hard and fun football training session last Thursday, we finally get to the ball work portion and I pull a muscle. The first part of training consisted of jogging around the track twice, then we had to sprint from corner flag to corner flag of a full sized pitch, then jog the width then sprint across again about 10 times. After this I was pretty much dead, he then made us run up and down these stairs

about 20 times which was hella painful. After that we did sprint training which was a mother****ing killer. After all of that we went to play some football.

There was 5 mins left of training left, I tackled someone and sprinted after the ball to cross it in and somehow I pulled my groin muscle. At first it just felt like a minor thing, so I did some light stretching, a tried to jog and then I thought WOW this isn't good.

Training finished and I now had to make my way home, this is the worst training session as it in Mile End, which isn't exactly close for me. The train station is a 10 minute walk and I already wasn't feeling good, but luckily someone gave me a lift to the top of my road so that was nice. I had to physically lift my leg out of the car with my arms as I could barely lift them up and it took me at least 10 mins to walk down my road which usually takes me 2-3 mins. At this point I was just so thankful I had gotten a lift because I cannot imagine how long it would have been if when I got off the train I was in this much pain.

As soon as I got in I put I got the icepack out, then after 15 mins got out the hot one, did this until it was bed time. I hoped I would feel at least slightly better in the morning, but the fact I didn't get out of bed and I had to role meant it wasn't much better.

Skip to today, 5 days later and I am feeling much better, I can walk around pretty freely and I don't look ridiculous, but I can still feel it hasn't heeled. Thankfully the new football team I play for has a physio which I will be seeing tomorrow so hopefully he can sort me out *pause* and give me a few tips on how to speed up the heeling process.

I haven't been injured for about 2 years and it would have to happen just when I am enjoying my football more then ever. I guess the good thing was my team won 3-1 on Saturday, but would have preferred if I at least got to play. And now I am missing training sessions which wont help with my position in the team or my fitness, I am already dreading the day I go back to training.

Anywho I just hope things progress like they are.