Saturday, 16 January 2010

NEW Usher Album..My Thoughts...hmmm....

So the Usher album (Usher vs Usher Raymond) leaked for the dude, no doubt he will be pissed. I really don't know how they haven't tightened up the security with music releases yet. Every single album seems to be leaked a week or more ahead of schedule. But lately its been months ahead sometimes, the usher album was supposed to come out in early Feb, but leaked early Jan. The 50 album got leaked a month before also, then there was Weezy's Rebirth album that leaked a nice 2 months before..OUCH!

Anywho whats done is done, for his sake I hope music buyers will still purchase it when its officially released. So I did get it today and gave it a listen (don't worry I will cop officially) and its a mixed bag. Befoe I get more into it I have to say that this is not the retail copy, so for all I know some or none of the songs will be on the album, but I am pretty sure most will.

So I loaded it on my ipod this morning and gave it a listen on the way to work. My journey is a nice hour long, so I got through just over half of the 20 song album. 5 somgs deep I had to make this FB status update:

Just wasn't feeling it from the start, to many songs seemed like throw away songs. BUT!! as I got further in things picked up and I heard some heat. He seems to have jumped on the lil dance music bandwagon and has 2 or 3 dance kinda songs.

Seems to have changed his style up a lil bit..seems to be kinda rapping a lil on some tracks, using crazy metaphors and all sorts. Talks alot about looking for the right lady, since his divorce it was bound to be a big topic. Also touches on him steal being the man in 'misquote a line' he says something about how everyone goes on like they are rich and he is still spending money from confessions.

All in all, from the version of the album I have, it should have been about 12-13 songs long and it would have been better then the current product. Maybe thats how it will be.