Monday, 8 December 2008

We beat the dirty ****ers...

So my football team played one of our rival teams in a cup match saturday. I didn't know to much of the rivalry before hand and nor did most of the team as most are new players. But from what we hear they have NEVER beaten this club, they lost 9-1 last season and we knew they were dirty bastards (which they were).

They flew in with tackles, tackles from behind and the ref let them get away without getting booked, I do one foul and I get a yellow card straight away.

Anywho we got to the ground I was delighted to see it was a pretty nice pitch for once and not one that was all muddy as this time of the season, you see that alot. We came out and did our warm up, back to the changing rooms and after the keeper was obviously picked he says my name next and i was like huh o_O he goes 'ash I want you to play right back, you should have kept your mouth quite'. I couldn't help but laugh as at training on Thursday I was saying how I could play left or right back and had played there previously, so he put me there, left back was actually another guy who said at training they could play in defence, and he was a center mid.

Anywho I actually really enjoyed it there, right back is a fun position as you get quite alot of the ball, from the keeper, centerbacks, midfielders and you can even over lap the wingers. I played fairly well, had some scumbag boy playing left mid who if i touched once *pause* he would bloody throw and elbow to get me off, so I knew he was goign to be a difficult customers. Luckily I kept him fairly quite, he didn't beat me once, only joy he had was on a break where he broke threw the middle.

We ended up winning 5-3, the goals we gave away were fucking shocking. 2 headers from corners and they scored a goal on the break that should never have happened. In our team our striker ebi scored 2 good goals, the portugeezer miguel scored with his first touch when he came on, then tich scored directly from a corner, and i have no bloody idea who scored the 5th, hmmm...maybe it was 4-3 lol. Anywho it was really good besides the shit we let in.

Dunno whats gonna happen next week as i am sure he will bring in some new defenders as both our left backs our out for 8 weeks with ankle injuries.

Anywho that will do for now, i'm out.