Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Gym Day 13...chest and triceps...

Started with 2 warm up sets on the incline bench press with 20 kg for like 20 reps or so each. Then went right up to 80kgs, 7 reps, 70 kgs 9 reps, 60 kgs 10 reps, 50 kgs 6 reps o_O.

Then did some other upper chest machine with 2 20kg plates so 40 kgs for 2 sets. Then I did a super set of dumbbell incline press followed straight by some dumbbell flys. 15kg dumbbells for the press and 10kgs for the flys.

Then did 2 sets on the pec dec, around 56kg for 8 or so reps then finished it with 2 sets of cable crossers with 25kgs on each side.

Looking at that, thats probably over kill lol.

For Triceps I did 4 sets of pushdowns, starting with 40 kg and going up by 10 kgs each time till i got to 70. And i did 10 reps on each. Then over head extensions on about 40 kgs for 6-10 reps 3 times. And finished it with 2 sets of kickbacks with 10 kg dumbbells.

BTW I have football training tonight and I am probably gonna pass out :-(