Sunday, 31 May 2009

UFC Undisputed 2009 Review...

Having been a UFC fan for about 9 years now and it being my second favourite sport after football (Man United FTW) I was stupidly excited to hear they were making a UFC game for the PS3. This isn't the first UFC game, there have been numerous games before for the Dreamcast, PS2 and Xbox and they were ok, but to be honest they were pretty crap lol.

So May 22nd UFC Undisputed came out and its FN awesome. Pretty much everything I wanted in the game is in the game. 80 fighters, online mode, a classic fights mode where you have to recreate classic fights and a career mode which is pretty sweet.

The detail in the game is insane, when I played the demo I was impressed but you could only use two fighters...I was worried pretty much everyone would fight the same, same kicks and punches, same submissions, but thats fair from what its like. Pretty much ever fighter (mainly the top names tbf) has a unique style. E.g. BJ PEnn has a unique japp, Rampage has his unique Hook and Uppercut, certain fighter who can't do headkicks, don't do headkicks in the game.

The controls are pretty straight forward when stand up fighting, the face buttons do left punch, right punch, left kick, right kick, hold the shoulder buttons for low and high kicks, right stick for grapple and counters...the ground game is where it gets technical when on top or below a guy *PAUSE* you can do minor and major transitions to improve your position and gain an advantage, these are done via small rotations on the right stick.

Anywho the game is amazing, anyone in MMA or not will love it, get it now...

Rating 9/10