Thursday, 28 May 2009

Man United :-(

Yesterdays game sucked :-(, I was excited for the first 10 mins where we looked like we were gonna do something, if Park was more on the ball we could have got that early goal and that would have got our spirits up. BUT!!! that didn't happen and after that 10 minute mark we got ruined. Eto'o scores a goal out of nothing, cuts in on vidic like he was there Anderson, lets Iniesta make passes without closing him down, just all all wrong.

For the first half Giggs might aswell not have been there (I wish he would bloody F-OFF), second half just the same, Anderson had a shocker, he didn't seem to wanna close anyone down and tackle them. Carrick passing just disappeared, the passes he would normally easy make just went wrong. Rooney looked like someone who really didn't wanna play on the left, Rio and Vidic just seemed off the pace, falling for the most bait skills ever, Park didn't do much, he was close to scoring all the time which always bloody happens.

He might be my boy but the only player who looked like they were trying and turned up for us was of course Ronaldo. He did some great runs, took on players, seemed to be the only untied player not scared to want the ball, sucks he couldnt get it enough and had zero support.

Barcelona played great, but we let them play, iniesta or messi would recieve the ball and there wouldnt be a man united player anywhere near them, that just makes no sense at all at the highest possible level.

Anywho I don't wanna talk about it anymore, I am over it, the best team won, at least it was the best team in the world and not some swag team.

The game showed some changes are needed to compete at the top top level, I thought our center mids were great and they are, but there mentality was poor on the night, I think with fletch or hargreaves in there it would have been a better game for us. We need to get rid of Teve and get in a goal scorer as we can't just rely on Ronaldo.

End of the day we won 2 trophies this season, so its not all bad, Champions of England, not champion of Europe this year :-(